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BigCloudy Affiliate Terms and Conditions

By becoming an authorized affiliate partner of BigCloudy, you commit to stick to the terms and policies included within this agreement. It is essential that you look though this agreement before enrolling and engaging with the BigCloudy service as an affiliate. Your registration for the BigCloudy affiliate program signifies your acknowledgment and acceptance of this agreement, along with its terms and conditions.

Our affiliate program is carefully designed to empower you in generating revenue through the referral of new hosting clients to our organization. Below, you will find the terms and conditions that are linked with our affiliate program.

Eligible Products for Affiliate Compensation

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server
  • SSL Certificate

Products Ineligible for Affiliate Compensation

  • Domain Name
  • WHMCS License
  • Control Panel License
  • Any other license requiring payment


Affiliates are rewarded with a one-time referral fee for each hosting account they refer to our services. A referral is considered valid when a new customer initiates their interaction through an affiliate tracking link and, within 365 days, successfully completes the signup procedure and remains active for a minimum of 365 days.

Affiliate accounts must be in state of active at the time of the referral. Referral fees will not be credited to your affiliate account for transactions that took place before your affiliation with the program.

Approval of affiliate commissions occurs after a period of 60 days from the client's date of purchase.

Upon registration, a signup bonus of 500 INR is credited to the affiliate account. This bonus will be disbursed to affiliates once they accumulate 2000 INR through commission. The initial pay-out comprises 500 INR (. bonus) + 2000 INR (commissions).

Affiliate partners should earn a minimum of 2000 INR. before their affiliate account becomes eligible for the pay-out.

Affiliate programs commission pay-outs will be settled the 15th day of each month.

Affiliates are supposed to receive commission strictly for new client referrals. Commissions for existing clients placing orders through affiliates will be considered as invalid.

If any existing client renews his/her subscription or acquires additional hosting services, the affiliate will not be eligible for commission on such transactions.

Affiliates are compensated only when the order process is successfully completed. If a client cancels their order, the affiliate will not qualify for commission.

Affiliate payments are executed through PayPal and NEFT (Note: For NEFT payments, affiliates are required to share their bank details via affiliates@bigcloudy.com). To update payment information, please feel free to check with the affiliate department.

Affiliates are accountable for maintaining accurate payee information within the affiliate program. We disclaim responsibility for lost or stolen payments. Affiliates must ensure that all information, including postal and email addresses, name, payment information, and any other personal details, is kept up to date to facilitate valid payments. Failure to provide current information may result in loss of owed referral fees. Similarly, referral fees that remain unclaimed or are returned due to inaccurate or insufficient contact details or other reasons may also be forfeited.

Affiliates must ensure their ability to accept payments. It is advisable to make sure that your bank or PayPal account can process payments from Indian-based entities.

Affiliates bear the responsibility for any fees, taxes, exchange rates, surplus charges, and related costs incurred to receive their referral fees. To determine if any of these apply to your account, consult your local banking branch or PayPal.

Due to the arising occurrences of credit card fraud and cancellation rates, we retain the right to withhold referral fees for a duration of up to 90 days for verification purposes. Furthermore, we reserve the right to decline referral fees in situations where we cannot collect funds, orders are regarded as fraudulent, customers cancel within the initial 30 days, or if we discover that the referral charges was acquired improperly due to any other reason.

The affiliate system computes commission based on the total sum, encompassing product/service costs, GST, and payment gateway charges. Prior to pay-out, GST and payment gateway expenses will be deducted from your commission amount.

Affiliates can monitor their commission status through their affiliate dashboard. (Note: To access this, simply log in to your affiliate account)

If an affiliate fails to refer a minimum of two signups within six months, their initial bonus will be revoked.

The billing cycle should be a minimum of one year.

The first pay-out for affiliates will be a minimum of 2000 INR.

The threshold period for the affiliate's last referral will be 60 to 90 working days.

An affiliate will not qualify for commission if an additional discount is applied to the order.

The order value placed through an affiliate sign-up should exceed the commission value.


Referrals must maintain an active hosting account for a consecutive period of 365 days; otherwise, referral amount will be reverted.

Referrals downgrading their hosting package will result in fee reversals.

Referrals issuing chargebacks or being found fraudulent (involving false information, fake or stolen credit cards, selling fake goods, etc.) will lead to reversals, irrespective of the time elapsed since the signup.

Referrals cancelling before reaching the 2000 INR pay-out minimum will result in reversals.

Advertising Compliance

Affiliates are PROHIBITED from offering cash back, rewards, or other incentives to drive traffic or sales using their affiliate tracking links.

Affiliates are PROHIBITED from using traffic generated by pay-to-click, pay-to-read, banner exchanges, click exchanges, CPV advertising, pop-up/under, SPAM, purchased traffic, or similar methods.

Affiliates are PROHIBITED from employing cookie stuffing techniques that set tracking cookies without the user actually clicking on the referral link (such as using a 1x1 pixel iframe).

Affiliates are PROHIBITED from bidding on or using our company name, trademark, trademark+, or misspelled keywords for the purpose of PPC on internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, etc.).

Affiliates are PROHIBITED from using trademark, trademark+, or misspelled keywords in their domain names.

Affiliates are accountable for verifying the proper functionality of their tracking code before sending traffic to our servers. Any modification to the links rests solely on the affiliate. Referral fees will not be awarded for tracking errors arising from editing, masking, redirecting, or tampering with links.

Using redirected pages and links to direct users to our site is disallowed. For example, you cannot have a PPC link on a search engine that redirects the user to our site.

Domain forwarding is forbidden; purchasing a domain and setting it to forward directly to our site using your affiliate link is not allowed.

Affiliates are PROHIBITED from copying our website or part of the website and displaying them on their own site or subdomain.

Affiliates are PROHIBITED from engaging in the advertisement of business-opportunity sites or using marketing practices that attract fraudulent or short-term customers (customers with low retention and renewal rates).

Affiliates are PROHIBITED from using trademark, trademark+, or misspelled keywords in their page titles.

Affiliates should not add our banners or text links to websites containing adult, child pornography-related content/images/videos, etc.

Affiliates cannot bid on BigCloudy keywords in PPC.


Affiliate accounts can be terminated without giving any prior warning or notice. Failure to comply with the Affiliate Terms and Advertising Compliance detailed herein WILL RESULT IN ACCOUNT DEACTIVATION and referral fees being set to 0.

Any fake or deceptive advertising, or suspected fraudulent activity linked to your affiliate account, will result in immediate termination of the account.

Affiliate accounts responsible for generating a substantial number of fraudulent accounts will be deactivated.

Affiliates are not permitted to resell hosting. All clients must submit their own payment methods and contact information to be eligible for affiliate referral fees.

If you no longer wish to continue the affiliate program, simply remove your affiliate links and stop promoting them. For accounting purposes, your account and personal information will not be evicted from our system.


Upon registering as an affiliate, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. If you disagree with these terms and conditions, you may come to an end of the registration process, stop your engagement with the affiliate program, or deactivate your account if you are already a member.


Changes to the Terms and Conditions are applicable to you. The latest version of the Terms and Conditions can be reviewed on the website. BigCloudy retains the right to update the Terms and Conditions, partially or wholly, at any time at its sole discretion. Posting these updated Terms and Conditions on the site shall serve as notice, although BigCloudy may choose other means of notification. Continued utilization of the Affiliate Program post-notice signifies your acceptance of all modifications. If you disagree with any such updates, you can deactivate your account, as specified above. As of July 2023, BigCloudy has revised its affiliate pay-out structure. Any prior offers, promotions, or structures under BigCloudy's affiliate TOS will be revoked.

For inquiries regarding our Affiliate program, kindly feel free to drop an email at affiliates@bigcloudy.com.